What is the exact location of Bermuda?
Geographic coordinates: Latitude: 32 20 N, Longitude: 64 45 W

What is the population of Bermuda?
64,237 (2010 Census)

What is Bermuda’s Flag?
The Bermuda flag is composed of a red background with the Union Flag (or Jack) in the upper left corner and the Bermuda coat of arms in the lower fly. The present flag was officially approved in October of 1967.

What is the story behind Bermuda’s Coat of Arms and Motto?
The Bermuda coat of arms was adopted 4 October 1910 and is based on the coats of arms of the Bermuda Company (1615). Argent on a mount vert a lion sejant affronte gules supporting between the forepaws an antique shield azure thereon a representation of the wreck of the ship Edward Bonaventure (1593), together with this motto: Quo Fata Ferunt. The Motto of Bermuda is Quo fata ferunt (whither the Fates carry [us]) and is taken from Virgil’s Aeneid.

When was the City of Hamilton incorporated?
Incorporated in 1793 and named after Sir Henry Hamilton, Governor 1778-1794. The motto “Hamilton Sparsa Collegit” means, “Hamilton had brought together the scattered.”

How old is the Town of St. George’s?
Named after the patron Saint of England, the Town of St. George’s was founded in 1612. St. George’s was twinned in 1996 with Lyme Regis, Dorset, England the home of Admiral Sir George Somers and was officially named a World Heritage Site on April 26, 2001.

What are the temperatures in Bermuda?
Figures for 2009: High 88.7°F (August) Low 48°F (March) Average maximum: 75.8°F Average minimum: 68.1°F.

How much rain does Bermuda get?
Annual rainfall in 2009: 55.99 inches (179 rain days)

Does the Bermuda National Library have a car park?
The Bermuda National Library does not have parking facilities. On-street parking near the Library is limited and subject to time restraints. However, there are several parking lots in the immediate area including the Par-la-Ville and the City Hall car parks, both accessible from Church Street and Number One car park on Front Street (limited to 3 hours).

Is the Library building wheelchair accessible?
The Library is completely wheelchair accessible with an elevator on the ground floor, dedicated to handicapped activist Margaret Carter, allowing access to the upper floor.

Do you lend books?
The Bermuda National Library is both a public and a research library. Most Bermuda books, however, are not in circulation, and must be read in the Library.  Please note that the newly established Bermuda circulation collection, shelved in the Bermuda History and Cultural Studies Room, is limited to a two-week use.  Please see “Books About Bermuda and by Bermudians Available for Loan at the Bermuda National Library” for a comprehensive list of books within this collection.

Can I obtain Bermuda National Library material via an Inter-Library Loan Scheme?
The Bermuda National Library does not loan material via any Inter-Library Loan Scheme. However, we may be able to provide photocopies of certain materials upon request.

Will you research my family tree?
The Bermuda National Library is not in a position to carry out research on behalf of individuals, whether personal callers or correspondents. However, we will guide the researcher to the materials available and can provide a list of researchers private individuals and organizations who have indicated a willingness to carry out research on a professional fee-paying basis.

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